Some other projects I do on GitHub (english).

Web Padlock

This project can be used to deny access to a system from unknown devices. Includes open demo page.

(Updated Oct 2020)


Matlab plots simulating an analog oscilloscope screen.

(Updated Feb 2020)


Big-banged I2C LCD for Raspberry PI

Library to use PCF8574 based LCD via software I2C bus in a Raspberry Pi. This is a C library that you can use to connect a PCF8574 based LCD to any of your available GPIO ports. It uses software emulated (bit-banged) I2C bus.

(Updated Jul 2018)


Software emulated I2C for Raspberry using wiringPi. This is a basic software (bit-banged) implementation of the I2C protocol using WiringPi library for GPIO.

(Updated Sep 2018)


Pure Perl ssdeep (CTPH) fuzzy hashing

This module provides simple implementation of ssdeep fuzzy hashing also known as Context Triggered Piecewise Hashing (CTPH).

Thanks to Christoph Biedl for create a Debian Package from it: libdigest-ssdeep-perl.

(Updated 2013)